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27; Though I don't understand the meaning of love...

→ Movies: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
→ TV series: Community, Misfits, Pretty Little Liars, Skins, The Vampire Diaries
→ Picspams: Glee (Jesse/Rachel; Lea Michele), Harry Potter (Ron/Hermione), Narnia (Caspian/Susan) with tumblr links


credit me or the comm || comments are ♥ || PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK! || textless icons are bases
**Feel free to watch and/or join if you like what you see! (:

...I do not mind if I die trying.Collapse )
Tags: actress: lea michele, book/movie: deathly hallows, book/movie: narnia, ship: caleb/hanna, ship: caspian/susan, ship: cook/naomi, ship: damon/elena, ship: jeff/annie, ship: jesse/rachel, ship: matty/franky, ship: nick/franky, ship: ron/hermione, ship: simon/alisha, ship: toby/spencer, tv series: community, tv series: glee, tv series: misfits, tv series: pretty little liars, tv series: skins, tv series: the vampire diaries
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Pretty pretty pretty <3
I'm following you on tumblr. I'm epiclullaby over there.

Following you back rightaway!
love these ! taking some of the PLL ones, will credit !
Thanks &enjoy! :)
Beautiful! Snagged some Narnia icons, will credit!
Ty! ^^

Deleted comment

Thanks and enjoy them! :)
lovely, taking some ♥
Thanks &enjoy! *.*
Gorgeous! Snaggin' some Skins. :)
Enjoy! ^^
Taking some Harry Potter - they're gorgeous :)
Ty! (:
took some of HP, PLL, and VD. Will credit. :)
Enjoy! :D
love the community icons! esp the jeff/annie ones <3
Thanks bb! ♥
OH.MY.GOSHNESS. YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!! :D These icons are indescribable gorgeous. Your coloring is so beautiful, and the creativity and use of textures is just sky-rocketing superb! :D I am definitely snagging some Narnia icons, and I will be sure as sureness to credit! :D Caspian/Susan! :D *cheers like a mad woman* You ship them too!? :D <3 They are my most favorite couple on earth! :D
OMG your comment so made my day!! :D
Of course I ship them, they're just so effing fantastic brilliant together! *.* :D ♥
Saved all of the Caspian/Susan graphics!
Enjoy! ^^
These are really great to look at. Like them, a lot.
Glad to hear! (:
I love all of your Susan/Caspian icons! They rock! Snagged a couple!
Thanks &enjoy! ^^
Nice work! I'm going to nominate #8 and #14 from the HP set over at hp_awards. :)
Oh, that's lovely! TYSM! :]
I took a couple of the HP ones for future use. Really beautiful stuff!
Thanks! :)
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