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27; Though I don't understand the meaning of love...

→ Movies: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
→ TV series: Community, Misfits, Pretty Little Liars, Skins, The Vampire Diaries
→ Picspams: Glee (Jesse/Rachel; Lea Michele), Harry Potter (Ron/Hermione), Narnia (Caspian/Susan) with tumblr links


credit me or the comm || comments are ♥ || PLEASE DO NOT HOTLINK! || textless icons are bases
**Feel free to watch and/or join if you like what you see! (:

...I do not mind if I die trying.Collapse )
Tags: actress: lea michele, book/movie: deathly hallows, book/movie: narnia, ship: caleb/hanna, ship: caspian/susan, ship: cook/naomi, ship: damon/elena, ship: jeff/annie, ship: jesse/rachel, ship: matty/franky, ship: nick/franky, ship: ron/hermione, ship: simon/alisha, ship: toby/spencer, tv series: community, tv series: glee, tv series: misfits, tv series: pretty little liars, tv series: skins, tv series: the vampire diaries
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The Skins and PLL icons are fantastically colored! All the yellows make me so happy! And the close crops in so many of the Skins pieces? FANTASTIC.
Aww so glad to hear this!!
gorgeous! i loved the first hp's icon, and the 9th from community, all from misfits and skins, and finally, the st berry graphic was so gorgeous!
Thanks! *.*
very pretty & colorful icons ..
love them all ♥
Ty dear! ♥
These are lovely. Gorgeous coloring!
Thanks! :)
lovely work - saving a bunch :)
Glad to hear! :)

Deleted comment

Thanks! :D
wonderful work!
Ty! ^^
love the Harry Potter icons :)
Glad to hear! :]
STUNNING! omg, snagged LOTS <333
Oh ty&enjoy!! *.*
these are soooooo pretty! loving the colouring and your larger graphics are so pretty, got lots of love for anyone who does Ben Barnes!
Thanks! :) Big yay for Ben Barnes! ;)

Deleted comment

Thanks &enjoy! :)
beyond gorgeous. ♥
Everything is so beautifully colored and just so lovely ♥♥ Love the Misfits ones (Kelly!), HP, and Skins. Cook/Naomi and Cook/Freddie in any shape or form makes me ridiculously happy. Snagged a few, will credit.
Oh, wow, thank you!! *.*
Ron/Hermione & Susan/Caspian??? You are totally my favorite person right now. =D
Yays! :D

Deleted comment

Ty!! ^^
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